I'm 29-year old visual artist from Oulu. I studied at University of Lapland and I graduated 2015. Soon after that, I got into Oulu Game Lab.

It gave me good practice at teamwork, I got to work with different people so building team spirit has become a norm for me.

I also learned to be active about seeking opinions about the work I do, as well as giving feedback to others. 


During Game Lab and even after, I've been teaching myself different programs independently, for example blender, using tutorials from the web. 

I continued to be part of a team that I met in Game Lab and continued doing a game that we started. That project lasted about 2 years before our coders got paying jobs. Game was called Source of Light.

In the project my responsibilities were 2D-graphics, which includes:
Creating the game's concept art. Designing and making the UI-elements. Designing, drawing and animating the cutscenes.
I replaced the teams previous artist and on the basis of her work I managed to pick up the style of the game.

I worked as a freelancer for Fingersofts Hill Climd Racing 2 as an marketing illustrator in end of 2017. I created pictures from game graphics and made greeting cards for halloween and christmas.

In end of 2019 I started working for Detocroix Company as a freelancer. I made inventory icons, advertisement artwork and patterns for 3D-character models using Substance Painter.

I'm always ready to take on new challenges and learn new things.